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Redlands General Practice

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Redlands General Practice has a patient and family centred approach with the focus being on safe, effective and comprehensive care. Our highly experienced Consulting Doctors and nurses draw on not only years of experience servicing the Redlands but are also up to date with the newest technology and recommendations when it comes to you and your family’s health.

Tooth Fair and Co

Tooth Fairy & Co was the brain child of Mrs Stephanie Roper. After experiencing a traumatic trip to the dentist as a child, she vowed to make dental visits much more pleasant for children. During her training in school dental clinics she began dressing up to ease children’s anxiety. It was from this that the tooth fairy concept was born. Stephanie is the owner of Tooth Fairy & Co Family Dental Care both at Thornlands and Ormiston.

Sullivan Nicholaides Pathology

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology is a well-respected, established pathology practice, offering comprehensive, high quality pathology services for doctors, private hospitals and nursing homes in Queensland, northern New South Wales, Darwin and Alice Springs.

Redlands Psychology

Located in South East Brisbane, our Cleveland based Clinical Psychology Private Practice caters for people across the life span. Our Aim is to empower people by providing them with the tools to improve their mental health and well-being, thus allowing them to enjoy their lives.


We offer a wide variety of medical and procedural skin treatments to revitalise, repair and regenerate your skin to its original beauty. Our approach is tailored to each individual where we draw on the underlying causes of skin conditions to provide the basis of our treatment plans. Our Skinfluencers have been trained by some of Australia’s best dermatologists making them highly knowledgable with all skin conditions.

Optimum Movement

Occupational Therapists at Optimum Movement are focused on improving a participant’s independence in all areas of their life

Achieve Excerise

Achieve set out to build and sustain rehabilitation concepts that any person, of any age can follow and improve their lives with. We believe that physical activity, lifestyle and behaviour modification can help prevent and/or manage chronic disease, injury and disability.

Speech Hub

Sarah Archer is the Director, Speech Pathologist and Mum of three beautiful children. Sarah has over a decade of experience working as a Speech Pathologist in private practice, community health and the disability sector. Sarah has enjoyed travelling and working as a Speech Pathologist in London, Perth and volunteering in Peru.

Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders provides educational therapy, specialist literacy intervention and tuition to treat individuals with a variety of learning differences, disabilities and challenges. We offer a range of intensive interventions to meet unique individual learning needs. We create quality, customised plans to improve cognitive skills, language, reading, writing, spelling and study skills.

Factory Ground

Hole in the wall coffee and cake shop, located in Ormiston. Striving to give you the very best in specialty coffee and bespoke cakes.